5.11 Plate Carrier (Flat Dark Earth)

5.11 Plate Carrier (Flat Dark Earth)
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-Stiffened Mesh Nylon -Adjustable in girth and length -Molle attachment system -High impact plastic clips -High-strength, adhesive-backed Velcro compartments -Fits hard plates up to approximately 13” H x 11.5” W -flat dark earth 5.11 Tactical Series and Special Forces operator, Kyle Lamb has partnered together to bring you a versatile LBE Plate Carrier. Our LBE Plate Carrier serves as a flexible web platform to hold standard and oversized armor plates. Adjustments at the shoulder and torso allow the carrier to fit almost anyone. Plates are inserted and secured with high-strength, adhesive backed Velro. The front and back of the LBE Plate Carrier is fully compatible with our Slickstick™ accessories or standard molle pouches, giving an operator unlimited flexibility in customizing the plate carrier. You can use any number of our Slickstick™ accessories to customize your LBE Plate Carrier for any situation. The 5.11 Slickstick™ accessories are compatible with standard molle attachment systems, yet functions like none other. The Slickstick™ slides through a UV-resistant ring making it easier to arrange and attach your pouches and other gear. Slickstick attaches like a normal molle attachment, but it slides to make it easier. To remove an item, just pop the snap and pull the stick out. The design combination of our LBE Plate Carrier and our Slickstick™ accessories give you an unlimited variety of configurations. As always, 5.11 Tactical Series continues to provide innovative products at exceptional prices to give operators the tools they need for their difficult duties.
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